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This semester (Fall 2021) we are running a seminar on category theory for graduate students at Wayne State University. In particular, the seminar will focus on -categories. It will be held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m. in RM 1285 in the Math Department. Below are a list of references for the seminar and a tentative schedule of talks.


Category Theory in Context - Emily Riehl
A short course on -categories - Moritz Groth


September 24 - Hassan Abdallah, "Categories, Functors, and Natural Transformations."
October 1 - Hassan Abdallah, "Limits and Colimits"
October 8 - Joey Baeuvais-Feisthauer "Limits and Colimits Examples"
October 15 - Joey Beauvais-Feisthauer, "Adjoint Functors"
October 22 - Joey Beauvais-FeistHauer, "Simplicial Sets"
October 29 - Joey Beauvais-FeistHauer, "Model Categories"
November 5 - Francis Baer, "Infinity Categories"

Organizers: Hassan Abdallah, Francis Baer, and Joey Beauvais-Feisthauer.